What AMT3 deals with

AMT3 Spa is a service company for citizens.
Since 2004 it has been entrusted with managing the Urban Parking Plan (PUS) on behalf of the City of Verona.

Specifically, AMT3 deals with:

car parkings

Management of the main off-street car parkings near the town center

of permits

Issue of permits for transit and parking in streets subject to PUS

Campers and
Tour Buses

ZTL Bus PASS and parking for tour buses

Camper area management

Parking control

Control of paying on-street car parkings in the blue and yellow-blue parking bays


AMT3 Spa, in agreement with the City of Verona, manages the project for implementation of a guided rapid mass transport system for the city of Verona (Trolleybus).

Corporate bodies

AMT3 Spa is a joint-stock company whose sole shareholder is the City of Verona. It is managed by a board of directors made up of 5 board members and 3 auditors appointed by the Mayor. The duration in office corresponds to that of the mandate of the current City Council.

Giuseppe Mazza

General Manager:
Mario Pollicelli

Board Members:


Emanuela Benedetti



Board of Auditors:

Emiliano Trentini (Chairman)
Daria Pircher
(Standing Auditor)

Michele Zenari
(Standing Auditor)