Camper Area Verona Porta Palio

Regulations for use

Article 1 – Scope of application

These Regulations govern use of the camper parking area, referred to, for the sake of brevity, as the “camper area”, located in via G. Dalla Bona, Verona. The Regulations also govern use of the sanitary facility pertinent to this camper area for dumping organic waste and waste waters and for refilling with drinking water in accordance with article 378 of Presidential Decree 495/1992.

Article 2 – Unattended area

The camper area is unattended. AMT Spa is therefore released from all liability for damages to property and/or persons which take place in the area.

Article 3 – Admissible vehicles

Parking in the area is only permitted for campers as defined by article 54, letter M) of Legislative Decree 285/1992: “vehicles having a special body permanently equipped for use to transport and lodge up to a maximum of seven persons, driver included”. Other camping systems are not permitted. Offenders will be immediately removed. The parking area was set up by Mayor’s Order in accordance with art. 7, paragraph I, letter H) of Legislative Decree 285/1992.

Article 4 – Parking procedures

Access to the camper area is permitted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A fee is charged based on the fee rates posted. Campers can only stop in the parking spaces marked on the ground. Vehicles must be positioned with their front wheels aimed towards the center lane of the area. The user, when entering, must pick up a ticket which he must keep with care and not lose. To leave the area the user must put the ticket in the automatic ticketing machine pay, withdraw the ticket and insert it into the slot on the exit column.
If the system does not work the user may contact AMT technical assistance using:

  • the intercoms on the entry and exit columns and on the automatic ticketing machine
  • the telephone numbers posted

Article 5 – Drinking water refills

Campers can refill with drinking water by connecting to the two taps located beside the waste water dump station. They must use hoses and fittings only for the time strictly necessary to fill their tanks. The hoses must not hinder circulation by persons and vehicles nor constitute a safety hazard. Water can be used only for food and sanitary purposes.

Article 6 – Dumping waste water

Waste water (sink and shower drains) can be dumped in the dump station equipped with a drain pit and a wide mesh grate. “Sewage” (collected from the WC tank) can be dumped in the sewage drain located at the side of the dumping station. Camper drivers must clean the outside of the sanitary facility immediately after use.

Article 7 – Prohibitions

It is prohibited to park along the inner access lane or in any case in a way that blocks the passage of other vehicles. It is also prohibited to park in the vicinity of the access to the area in a way that makes entry or exit maneuvers more difficult. It is prohibited to park in the vicinity of the area dedicated to camper services. AMT Spa is authorized to intervene to move and/or tow away vehicles that are parked in an improper or inadequate way without any liability for damages. Tow-away costs shall be paid for entirely by the user and must be paid prior to leaving the parking area.

It is absolutely prohibited for unauthorized persons, inside the area, to:

  • dig holes, even small ones
  • use open fires, generators, barbecues or similar devices inside the area
  • uproot grass
  • waste water by leaving taps open or using them to play games
  • cut down or remove foliage from trees and climb on trees
  • remove or damage materials and objects belonging to AMT Spa
  • play games with balls or with thrown objects
  • wash and hang out clothes outside the campers
  • transit and park motor vehicles other than campers and park leaving engines on

In addition:

  • animals must be kept so that they do not bother, disturb or damage property and/or persons. Dogs must be kept on a leash and their excrements must be collected;
  • all noisy activities that bother public and private peace are absolutely prohibited from
    8:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.;
  • garbage must be disposed of in specific containers and in compliance with current legislation and municipal regulations regarding urban solid waste;

If the assets of AMT Spa are damaged the author of the damage must promptly notify AMT Spa thereof, calling the number posted for technical assistance or calling the call center in order to agree upon compensation procedures.

Pursuant to article 185, paragraphs 4 and 5, of Legislative Decree 285/1992 it is prohibited to dispose of organic waste and clear water and sewage on roads and public areas outside specific sanitary disposal facilities. Offenders shall be fined from 85.00 € to 338.00 € in accordance with article 185, paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree 285/1992. Waste must be disposed of in specific containers and in compliance with current legislation.

Article 8 – Applicable law

These Regulations are governed by the following laws:

  • Legislative Decree No. 285 dated April 30th, 1992 as further amended;
  • Presidential Decree No. 495 dated December 16th, 1992 as further amended;
  • Regional Law No. 33 dated November 4th, 2002.

Amendment or repeal of these texts and issue of new legislation on the matter shall entail updating of these regulations in accordance with the terms of the current legislation.

Article 9 – Fines

Laws and regulations governing this matter shall apply for all matters not covered by these Regulations. Without prejudice to the Mayor’s powers and to application of penal, civil and administrative laws and the stipulation of specific fines in the previous articles, every infringement of the rules of these Regulations shall involve imposition of an administrative fine consisting of a sum of money ranging from a minimum of 25.00 € to a maximum of 500.00 € as well as removal from the parking area. Monitoring compliance with the provisions of these regulations is the responsibility of the Municipality through its Local Police Force and other law enforcement entities. Imposition of the related fines for infringement of the rules contained in these regulations and in the laws referred to therein is governed by Law No. 689 dated November 24th, 1981.

For emergencies call:
0039 340 9237522 from 7:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.
0039 045 582899 from 8:30 P.M. to 7:30 A.M.

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