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camper area “Porta Palio”
Via G. Dalla Bona – prossimità Porta Palio


Unattended parking on the surface


Automatic Teller

Drinking water refilling

Waste water dump


  • The parking lot is strictly reserved to campers.
  • Lay-bys cannot be booked in advance.
  • Use of drinking water refill and waste water dump services is covered by the hourly rate.


  • 1 hour: 3.00 €
  • 4 hours: 5.00 €
  • 24 hours: 10.00 €

How to do

Are there parking bays reserved to motor vehicles in your parkings?2024-06-10T13:41:32+01:00

No, unfortunately there are no parking bays reserved for motorcycles in our parkings.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations located in your parkings?2024-06-10T13:52:09+01:00

Only two charging stations are located at the Parking Centro .

What off-street car parkings are managed by AMT3 Spa?2024-06-24T09:22:59+01:00

Show the complete list in the dedicated page on our website.

Is it possible to book a parking space in one of the AMT3 parkings?2024-06-10T14:03:13+01:00

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

I paid at the automatic teller but there wasn’t enough change and I was given a ticket for reimbursement. What must I do?2024-06-10T14:06:18+01:00

Fill out the specific form and send it to

I paid at the automatic teller for an AMT3 parking and forgot to ask for the receipt. What can I do?2024-06-10T14:14:24+01:00

Fill out the specific request through our DIGITAL desk. An operator will reply you within two working days.

Is it possible to park in one of your parkings for several consecutive days?2024-06-10T14:17:02+01:00

You can park by paying the valid rate for the area. Show here the list of our parkings.

Is it possible to park in the Camper Area with a caravan?2024-06-10T14:27:53+01:00

No, unfortunately the camper areas are not able to accommodate caravans.

What payment methods are accepted at the parking Tribunale (Court)?2024-06-10T15:21:27+01:00

You can pay with cash, debit card, credit card or satispay only at the automatic teller.
With a credit card you can pay directly at the exit column and also request a receipt from the touch screen.

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