Construction site in Via Pisano – Times are significantly shortened

18 March 2024

Good news from via Pisano: the itinerant trolleybus construction site, which in order not to preclude circulation on the entire street is developed in continuous progress, from portion to portion, will last less than expected, going from four to just over three months. Of the five phases announced the first, which began today, will end tomorrow despite the schedule predicting uninterrupted work for three weeks. The reason is the plate tests carried out showed that the existing foundation has characteristics suitable for transit of the future trolleybus. This allows a significant reduction in construction times, so much so that it is possible to state that works on the second section, which were scheduled to begin on April 8th, will be able to begin as early as the day after tomorrow.

If similar situations were to arise for the other sections it can be assumed that works will be completed well before the hypothesized dates. Tests will be carried out on the second section on Wednesday and only then will more precise information be available.