Payment methods for on-street parkings

The parking must be paid according to the following methods:

Parking meters

Parking meters are installed in the Urban Parking Plan sections and are always active.

How to pay for parking

The parking meters accept:


All coin sizes from 5 cents to 2 Euros.

The parking meter calculates the parking time based on the amount paid, showing this on the display.  The relevant coupon will be issued once you have pressed the confirm button.

Credit and debit cards

The duration of parking can be selected on the parking meter display.  The relevant coupon is issued at the end of payment procedure.


How to use it

Exhibit the coupon on the dashboard inside the car.  Make sure the information printed on it is easily visible from the outside.


You can use the handy Apps, directly from your mobile to pay for on-street parking.


Why use an App

  • Convenient payment from your smartphone.
  • Parking times can be extended directly from your mobile, wherever you are.
  • Possibility of interrupting parking early when returning to your car.

Available apps

Click on the icon and download the App

App coupon

How to exhibit it

The coupon of the App being used must be displayed on the dashboard.  Parking auxiliaries will check that parking has been duly activated by reading the license plate.

  • Payment APPs are managed by third parties in agreement with AMT3 Spa and may foresee, in addition to the current parking rate, payment of an additional amount for the service provided.

Park responsibly!

Municipal parkings are the cheapest among those available in the city and AMT3 tries to make their use as easy as possible. We offer services and information through our website and have set up simple and diversified payment methods. This is why we ask you to use it responsibly, reporting any disruptions and carrying out payment transactions regularly.