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Bus Terminal Parking Centro Verona

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Bus Terminal Parking Centro
Via Campo Marzo

Availability in real time:    of


DAYTIME RATE – from 8:00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

15.00 € for the first hour of parking or fraction
5.00 € every 30 minutes or fraction (after the first hour)

EVENING RATE – from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

5.00 € every 60 minutes or fraction

NIGHT RATE – from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

10.00 € flat rate

BOARDING/GETTING OFF – within 15 minutes 5.00 €


Staff in charge are present in the area H24


Payment must be made at one of the 4 automatic tellers on site: the machines accept coins and bills.


The City of Verona has established a ban on tour bus parkings in the area known as ZTL Bus with the exception of two areas:




Parking bays located along the route allowed to tour buses. Passenger boarding and getting off near the tourist areas of the city are allowed in these parking bays.
Via Interrato dell'Acqua Morta
Lungadige Cangrande
Via da Vico Tomaso
Via Pontida
Via Città di Nimes
Terminal Bus
Lungadige Matteotti


Passenger boarding and getting off is free of charge at all of the above locations except at the new Bus Terminal at Parking Centro.

In this area, in fact, a payment of 5.00 € is foreseen for each operation, which must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes.


Parking on the bays is allowed for a minimum of 5 minutes up to a maximum of 15 minutes, depending on the area, for passenger boarding and getting off.

How to do

I purchased the ZTL Reduced Rate Bus Pass. What do I have to display?2024-06-10T13:05:40+01:00

You must always display the printed pdf or the receipt issued by the parking meter on the dashboard of the bus, in a clearly visible way from the outside. You must also display the hotel voucher (or equivalent document) certifying the booking and the overnight stay.

I am a Tourist Guide. How do I get credentials?2024-06-10T13:08:25+01:00

For the accreditation you must register on our online shop and enclose a copy of your card. The back office will check the correctness of the documents within one working day and only after this will proceed to insert your name in the list of authorized guides.

Where can I buy the ZTL Bus PASS?2024-06-10T13:14:59+01:00

The PASS can be purchased online or from one of the following parking meters and automatic tellers distributed at the entrance to the urban area:
-Parking meter 1007 in Via Unità d’Italia, in front of street number 288
-Automatic teller 1 in Viale del Lavoro, in front of the “San Zeno” Trade Fair Entrance
-Automatic teller 2 near parking “C” of the Stadium.

I purchased the ZTL Bus PASS online but I have to change the bus license plate. What should I do?2024-06-10T13:21:49+01:00

The change must be done directly from the reserved area in our online shop before midnight of the day prior to the trip.

What are the passenger boarding and getting off points and the authorized parking areas for tour buses?2024-06-12T08:58:00+01:00

Visit the page dedicated to BUS PARKING. It contains a list of long-term and short-term parking areas located in the City of Verona.

I purchased the ZTL Bus PASS online but I am unable to print the ticket at the end of the transaction. What can I do to have a copy?2024-06-12T08:59:03+01:00

Fill out the specific request through our DIGITAL Desk. One of our persons in charge will reply within two working days at the latest.

I have to come to Verona on a school trip, do I have to pay for the ZTL Bus PASS?2024-06-10T15:08:47+01:00

Visit the page dedicated to the ZTL BUS PASS rates. You’ll find the list of reductions and exemptions.

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