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Faccio Foroni


Faccio/Foroni is one of the sections provided for by the  Urban Parking Plan issued by the City of Verona.

Via Franco Faccio (in the stretch between street number 1 to intersection with side street via Jacopo Foroni facing street number 22)
Via Jacopo Foroni

The area and referenced streets are described in the documents:

An occasional user is that person who does not have an ongoing interest in parking his or her car within the white parking bays.

The occasional user, to simplify, could be for example:

  • A tourist
  • A resident outside the city of Verona who goes to the city for extraordinary errands
  • A permit holder with a valid permit in another section who must park his or her car in a blue or yellow-blue parking bay located outside the allowed area
  • A citizen who is not eligible for a permit


Parking in the white parking bays located within Via Faccio/Via Foroni can be made after exhibiting the parking disc and as provided for by the in-situ vertical road signs.